decision steps

1. Do not be afraid to make decisions…..
2. Do not make decisions emotionally, but please use consideration…..
3. To produce quick decisions, you should not delay because the decision could not only through the process of a single night….
4. Use a sharp analysis in data processing that has been painstakingly you collect. Take the wisest decision and have the smallest risk…..
5. Make sure you know the last limit (deadline), when decisions had to be determined….
6. Please specify clearly the criteria or qualifications that you have to take decisions…
7. Gather information and important data that affects the decision. Because who knows the information is required for materials argumentation…..
8. Make your decision from several alternative data and information already collected. Learn and consider the value or weight of each of these alternatives…..
9. Do not even apply subjective in making decisions. This means do not choose your favorable decision or a group of people alone…..
10. When you have studied carefully and consider alternatives such decision, do not hesitate to determine the best decision from which there are several alternative decisions……


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